octopus drying in the sun

sun setting in the West over the sea

view of the sunset over the sea

sunset reflection as seen in the calm sea

Greek sunrise

beach bridge

tandem deck chairs on the beach

rain clouds gathering

view of clifftop buildings

bell seen overlooking bay

church overlooking bay a

church overlooking sunset bay

hillside buildings

boat heading out to horizon

ship with sails unfurled

brightly coloured canpoy

man at cafe

sailing ship at sunset

sailing ship at sunset 2

sailing ship at sunset 3

sailing ship at sunset 4

view overlooking bay

bay at sunset

dog overlooking bay

cat overlooking bay

bell overlooking bay with ships

light reflecting from restaurant table

windmill overlooking bay at sunset



ladies sitting in the shade

fishing boat

drying octopus

man and boy sleeping in shade

cyclist on hyde park 1

cyclist on hyde park 2

dora on bridge at beach

ken painting next to beach bridge

overlooking the fishing boats

ken at work

villa at night

clouds approaching

hillside village at dusk

town street in the morning

sailing ship at sunset a

sailing ship at sunset b

arch at sunset

bay at sunset

harbour in the morning

humility on the sea