girls pose together for group photo

woman at window

ironing board

men resting indoors

woman at sewing workstation

smiling woman portrait

man at beach bar

view over water out to sea

sunrise to the east

colleagues inside a store

men outdoors

women's area in desert shelter

portrait of a girl

children playing

man walking through plastic cups on sand

boy standing

rear of shaded area

men discuss business

portrait of man 1

portrait of man 2


man examining new structure

desert gathering beneath mountainscape

senior man

man in red head dress

young girl

men squat next to truck

desert meeting as dusk encroaches

young boy

women walking near to hills

distributing cold drinks

father and son at drinks truck

fruit sellers trading melons

young girl at drinks truck

young girl

boys pose for photograph

young girl portrait

baby 1

baby 2

children group photo

baby 3

woman adjusting head dress as girl looks on

babies in creche

standing support for baby

girl with infant beneath wall mural

women group around meal

babies look towards visitor

family sitting together

mother and baby


young boys

young boy

brother and sister

brothers in law

men with children

family in shelter

young girl

young boy

young girl with chocolate spread

helpful brother

sheltering from the heat of the sun

the arrival of a pet dog

lagoon kitesurfer

kites visible overlooking lagoon towards town

windsurfers overlooking water to mountains

windsurfer and kitesurfer

fishing boat in lagoon

woman and child passing earth mound

woman walking along track

cart and donkey traffic

woman with child on track

man and child walking along track

labourer working in field

cart passes man on donkey

man riding donkey along track

man on a donkey

passing couple with crops

woman and child on cart

woman with children in village

women with child at corner

cart traverses village street

boy with lollipop

smoking man

woman with child on cart in street

children with cart

young boy next to post

silver haired man

woman enters home on village street

group in field

donkey investigates cart

woman working in factory

view overlooking harbour

child looking into tent 1

child looking into tent 2

child looking into tent 3

child looking into tent 4

children climbing rocks

camp life

men discuss business in shade

senior man smoking

girls run down slope

young man 1

young man 2

children on slope 1

children on slope 2

young boys group photo

adults meeting

young men outside of main group

young girl leaning against pole

boy climbing steep slope

young girl

boy at summit

girls traverse slope

women walk in front of hills

boys climb slope

fruit sellers at work

men discussing business

tea is served

businessmen arrive

fathers and sons at group meeting

girl with baby next to wall drawing

boy wearing baseball cap