light and shadow cast on tiled floor

man with turban in the afternoon

woman washing a water jug

young girl

mother and child

girl at water pump

buffalo road traffic

village street cafe

women walking along village high street

woman working in field

smoking man in field

woman waiting at well

family outside home

man resting in the heat of the day

women working in a field

mother and son smiling while washing clothes

twisted wired chair

chipmunk on tree branch

boys walking along road

goatheard with flock

man at construction site

chillum smoking man in field

boy drinking water

man sitting at the water's edge

man reading newspaper

shaving down by the water's edge

looking out over water

elephant and driver

woman at the water's edge

child washing with hosepipe

woman driving cattle along track

smiling girls at water pump

men cutting upholstery

man selling coconuts

woman carring kid goat

turban wearing man in town

farmer with young girl

metal fabricators at work

ironing services available

holy man at temple

woman sweeping temple steps

electrician at work

labourer at rest

gentleman 1

gentleman 2

gentleman 3

goatherd moving flock

woman selling vegetables at market

woman rest and work on steps

woman resting on wall

woman washing by the water's edge

man working oxen-driven waterwheel

women chatting at water taps

straining tea

oxen walk beneath hilltop construction site

woman resting from heavy lifting

orange sari-wearing woman

women walking into town

boy presenting hidden tomatoes

woman coaxing goat from wall

smiles all round at school for boys

charismatic smiling girl

shepherd moving flock

man with stick

cape-clad man

resting man

women wash atop dam

woman rests beneath tree

young woman fetches water from well

woman operating water pump

girls heading to school

priests conducting ceremony

man carrying sack

maintenance to clock tower

selling farm produce in town

relections cast by glass table


view of dusk over water

women washing at water's edge

selling by weight

colourful woman in alley

woman pushing vegetable cart

man cooking fried snacks

women making bread in street

man with cauldrons in street

well-fed town cow

bold monkey

woman in doorway

girl in doorway

man bathing at water's edge

boy next to waste receptical

young woman at water's edge

man pushing bicycle

woman feeding cow

book shop keeper

street corner scene

women at wedding reception

child outside home

sunset overlooking water